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    MMA in Mexico is going strong, and this INSANE KO proves it

    MMA in Mexico

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    Cain Velasquez was born in Salinas, California. The city’s nickname is ‘America’s Salad Bowl’ and it’s filled with a slew of American Victorian homes. Cain Velasquez is American. Efrain Escudero is Mexican and he was recently kicked from the UFC, again. If you want to take the route of hyphens and technicalities, Cain Velasquez is Mexican-American. However, this would mean Brock Lesnar is Viking-American and the UFC hasn’t mentioned that in the blitzkrieg of UFC promos we’ve been exposed to in the past. Michael Bisping is actually Cyprus-British and Alistair Overeem is British-Dutch — with a little bit of horse meat mixed in there.

    The truth is, MMA is growing strong in Mexico — without the need of those silly lucha libre masks. The UFC has toyed with the concept of bringing an event to Mexico this year, but it appears that the sport already has a significant presence, even on the amateur and smoker circuit. Check out this match between Christian Aldama vs. Esteban Santillanez at Total Gym Peleas Amateur Chapo Challenger 1 that ended in a unbelievable KO this past weekend.

  • Posted by mario adan campa on septiembre 23, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    pueden enseñar artes marciales mixtas a niños de 14 años ?


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